Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Bible Study for Youth: Acts 1-7

I started a list of Bible questions for my 11-year old in order to foster better comprehension and encourage more careful attention to details while reading the Bible. We started in Acts and stuck to about 2 chapters per quiz; but if anyone wants to borrow these, feel free to break or lump as you like, and get even more detailed if you wish. I hope you find these as useful as we have! I will be adding more "Bible Study for Youth" posts over the course of time (as we do them), so check in periodically if you want them.

Chapters 1-2

1) Who wrote "Acts", and to whom is he writing?

2) Who succeeded Judas the betrayer, and how was he chosen?

3) In Chapter 2, when the Apostles spoke in different languages, what did some people accuse them of?

4) Roughly how many accepted Peter's message and were "added that day"?

5) After Peter cuts them "to the heart", what does he say they should do? (Quote verse 38 entirely.)

6) Who is this promise made to? (Quote verse 39 entirely.)

Chapters 3-4

1) Who cured the crippled man at "the Beautiful Gate"?

2) What did Peter tell the Jews to do after he said that they acted out of ignorance when they crucified their Savior in exchange for a murderer?

3) Who confronted Peter and John while they were still speaking?

4) Did anyone come to believe, despite Peter and John being taken away?

5) In whose name does Peter say that they cured the cripple?

6) Do Peter and John agree not to preach in Jesus' name after they are rebuked and are ordered not to do that?

Chapter 5

Begin at Acts 4:32 for background information.

1) What did Ananias and Sapphira do that was so wrong?

2) By attempting to deceive the Apostles, who does Peter say that Ananias lied to?

3) What miracle(s) was God able to do even through Peter's shadow?

4) When Peter and the Apostles were found preaching again, and were questioned by the Sanhedrin about it, what answer do they give? (Full quote.)

5) Read about Gamaliel, then quote what he says in verses 38-39.

6) What then happened to the Apostles, and how did they react (in verses 40-41)?

Chapters 6-7

1) Who was chosen to "serve at table" by the disciples?

2) Why were they needed? (Refer to the footnotes, and elaborate as much as possible.)

3) What did the Apostles do when these 7 were presented to them?

4) Just before the high priest questioned Stephen, what did the Sanhedrin notice about his face?
4a) Take a moment and think how you would picture that. Then consider how every encounter with an angel of the Lord is described in Scripture. (Ask if you are not sure.) Does your image of Stephen still look the same with the other encounters in mind?

5) In Chapter 7, Stephen recounts the history from Abraham to Solomon. What does he say about his audience in conclusion (verses 51-53)?

6) What does Stephen see as he is about to be martyred?

7) At whose feet do the "witnesses" lay down their cloaks to stone Stephen?

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