Sunday, May 7, 2017

Bible Study for Youth: Acts 8-13

Well, I didn't get back to posting our Bible Studies like I had planned.  We've had some great ones, though, and I hope to get some more posted soon.  ["Soon", meaning, "no one really knows when, but it will happen one of these days".  ;-) ]  Here is a continuation of Acts.

Chapter 8

1) Who was the magician in Samaria, ans how did he react to Phillip's preaching?

2) Scripture says that, although the Samaritan converts had been baptized, the Holy Spirit had not yet fallen upon them. How did they receive the Holy Spirit, and by whom?
2a) Can you think of a Sacrament we have today, which is given after Baptism, where the Holy Spirit strengthens us to go out and bring the Gospel to others?

3) What did the magician try to do when he saw this?

4) How did Peter react? (Quote him in verse 20.)

5) When Philip asks the eunuch if he understands what he is reading, what is the eunoch's reply?
5a) Was the eunoch an educated person? (See verse 27.)

6) After learning of Christ from Philip, what does the eunoch request in verse 36?

Chapter 9

1) What are Christians referred to as being, during Saul's initial persecution? (See verse 2.)

2) Saul was obviously persecuting the early Christians and Christ's Church; but who does Jesus say that he is persecuting in verses 4-5?

3) What does Ananias do to Saul that he might regain his sight and be filled with the Holy Spirit?

4) Who brought Saul to the Apostles?

5) Name 2 people for whom Peter performs a miracle in Chapter 9; and what did he do for them?

Chapters 10-11

1) What was Cornelius' reaction to seeing the angel, and who did the angel tell him to summon?

2) What was the main message of the vision shown to Peter? (See verses 15 and 28.)

3) While Peter is speaking, the Holy Spirit comes upon all who were listening, and Peter orders them all to be baptized. Were there many people, and who were they? (Verses 24, 27.)

4) How did the circumcized believers initially react to Peter visiting Gentiles? Did they change after Peter explained everything to them?

5) In what place were the believers first called "Christians"?

6) In whose care do the disciples send relief to those in Judea?

Chapters 12-13

1) Who did the angel of the Lord free from prison prior to a trial for execution?

2) Describe how well he was guarded and secured on the night before his trial.

3) Did Herod have a peaceful and good death? What was he doing when he died?

4) Did the first century Christians fast? How do you know? (Acts 13: 1-3.)

5) What happened to the false prophet, and who prophesied that the hand of the Lord was upon the false prophet to make that happen?

6) To whom is Paul preaching in Acts 13: 13-41?

7) How did the Gentiles react when Paul rebuked the jealous Jews on the following sabbath?

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