Saturday, July 20, 2013

Abortion Kills a Living Human... any stage of the development of the baby...from the moment of conception.

Since these tiny humans cannot speak for or defend themselves, I believe they deserve being defended by others who DO have a voice and who CAN stand up for them. If we don't, who will? Every human, from the moment of conception is a human that has the right to a life. He/she is NOT their mother or their father, they are a unique human with unique DNA and will [can] eventually grow up to be a unique human child, adolescent, adult...

We hear so much about “a woman's right to choose what happens to her own body” when it comes to abortion. The problem is that abortion is not something that happens to the woman's is happening to the baby inside her. If abortion truly “happened” to the woman, the woman would die because she'd be “aborted” the infant inside her. The woman having the abortion is not given a caustic saline dip. The woman having the abortion is not sucked through a tube with blades at the end to cut her into small enough pieces to fit through it. The woman having an abortion is not being pulled apart, piece by piece in a late term abortion and being pulled form her mother's womb. No, all these things are happening to the baby inside her. I won't argue against a woman having a choice to do what she wants to her own body...but I WILL argue that she doesn't have the right to do whatever she wants to her unborn infant's body, just like I would argue the same for a post-natal child undergoing such treatment.

Yet some will say, “it's not really a human person until...” and then some random age is given. But let's look at the science of it. At the very moment of conception, a sperm cell enters an egg cell and the instant result is a cell with a complete strand of human DNA. There is the scientific proof of a human. But, is it "living"?

Yes, it is living. "Proof", you ask? The now fertilized egg, if left alone...nothing done to it by any outside intervention, will divide on its own and become a full-grown human being. The only thing it needs is nourishment and a safe place to live...just like everyone one of us reading this post today needs. Nothing more, nothing less

So, from the very instant of conception, there is a living human being, fully capable of growth, and needing only nutrition and safety. Conclusion: Abortion kills a living human any stage of development...from the moment of conception...and we have not even gotten into the religious aspects yet...

I really think that many people don't put much thought into this, and that is one of the many reasons for the support of, or often casual ignoring of, the abortion issue. If more people realized that it's a real human life that is being taken, they'd have some pause over what their opinions may be...I think. Now, when it gets to the religious side of it, that's where I really get confused by Christians who either support or ignore this issue. Their very Christian Faith demands that they support the unborn's right to life.

Let me harp on Christians for a moment, specifically, my fellow Catholics. The Church teaches that the soul is "created immediately by God - it is not 'produced by the parents - and also that it is immortal." (CCC 366) In other words, at the very instant of conception, where the husband and wife have "become one" in the creation of this human life, God immediately creates the immortal soul. The egg, at the instant of fertilization, is both human and a creation of God, a living child of God and an extension of the love of husband and wife...the closest that humans can get to understanding the Holy Trinity (in my opinion).

Looking at the Faith perspective, we really don't have to look too much further. How many verses in Scripture discuss the "blessing" that children are? How many talk about the "curse" of being barren or childless? Thou shall not kill? The sin of Onan? The Bible is chock-full of verse after verse after verse of a pro-life message. All a Christian needs to understand is that we have a duty to help the helpless, to defend those who cannot defend themselves, to know that we have an obligation to speak up for the innocent babies who are murdered in the womb every day.

And just to keep anyone from getting tripped over the “what about all the death in the Bible…wars, cities wiped out, etc…?” Not the same thing. The difference there is that those people who were killed by others in the Bible had the opportunity for life. They were BORN. The people killed by God, well, we are creatures of God and He can do with us as HE pleases. It is God’s sole right to decide our fate, and we have no right to play God’s part in ours or anyone else's life. We are HIS creatures, not the other way around.

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