Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Gay "Marriage" Won't Affect Me, so What's the Big Deal? (by Father Edwin Palka)

My wife brought home a Church bulletin from her trip to Florida, and showed me an article written by the Priest at the Parish where she attended Mass while she was away (St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church).  Admittedly, Briana and I have a particular fondness for this Priest...he celebrated our Marriage.  But that's not what made me want to post his article.  It is his plain and head-on way of addressing a real problem that every person, Catholic or not, is going to have to come to terms with, one way or another.  Without further ado, I am pleased to reproduce Father Edwin Palka's article.  From the Pastor:

Gay "Marriage" Won't Affect Me, so What's the Big Deal?

     The above question is being asked quite a bit right now by heterosexual people. Those needing to ask have unfortunately by and large embraced the falsehood that God made some people homosexual so they must act on their sexual urges. The rest of the population, whom God made differently but not better, so the erroneous thinking continues, will not be affected in any way, shape or form. But even if that were true about the adults (and it is not) what about the children? Much is and has been written and asserted about the children of homosexual “couples” so I will leave that currently tiny demographic alone for the moment. But very little is being voiced about the the vast majority of children: those who are from households not headed by homosexuals. To be blunt, by normalizing homosexual “marriage” we are going to terribly mess up (physically, mentally and spiritually) our children.

From their earliest days they are going to be bombarded with the lie that homosexual activity is morally good and normal--in the sense of being equal in dignity with opposite sex sexual activity--and, therefore, those who embrace, encourage and engage in homosexual activity are morally good and normal. Those who say otherwise are and will increasingly be portrayed as immoral bigots and hatemongers. What harm will come of this? Go back to your days of growing up. The best friends of boys are generally who? Boys. And who are boys most awkward around? Girls. Girls, too, generally find their best friends among other girls and are most awkward among boys. Those realities always have been and always will remain the norm. Those normal occurrences, though, will soon be taught forcefully, graphically and early--by government mandate--both implicitly and explicitly in schools, many churches, all government and public entities and through marketing, that that is a sign that the children are homosexual. By the time the children enter into puberty they will already be primed by years of brainwashing to think that they are most likely homosexual. Because of the forum of this column I don’t wish to get graphic about puberty and what happens, especially to males, without any seeming rhyme or reason and not necessarily in the presence of anyone who is of sexual interest. But the children won’t believe that all of this is part of the nature of all humans. They will have long been taught that this will be certain proof of “same sex attraction.” They will be greatly praised if they act on this supposed attraction and roundly denounced if they either remain chaste or claim the truth that they are heterosexual. The societal pressure will be intense. They will have been groomed to see black as interchangeable with white, evil as interchangeable with (or even better than) good, and males as interchangeable with females (with preference being given to the same sex).

The easiest “prey” will be targeted first. Every boy who is seen as effeminate in any way, whether due to his blue eyes and blond hair, his lack of athletic skills, his love for beauty (including every boy who picks up a violin, a paintbrush or a book of poetry), or even his speech impediment (should he have a lisp, for example) will be targeted aggressively by the homosexual pushers. (Even those who claim you cannot tell a homosexual by appearance alone already hypocritically do this with boys and men who appear less masculine than average. It will only get worse.) Likewise every girl who shows any of the more masculine traits (is athletic, mechanically gifted, etc.), is large or not too pretty, or who prefers less feminine activities or clothing will be targeted and taught that she must have been “born a lesbian.” The question Jesus asked in Matthew’s Gospel, “Which one of you would hand his son a stone when he asks for a loaf of bread, or a snake when he asks for a fish?” will be more and more answered with a simple, “The active homosexual and the homosexual activist will do this.” God help us, that answer includes all of the Catholic clergy and laity who have voted for and otherwise promoted this very real evil.

With prayers for your holiness,
Fr. Edwin Palka


  1. " By the time the children enter into puberty they will already be primed by years of brainwashing to think that they are most likely homosexual."

    This alleges, then, that sexual attraction is a learned response rather than - as 'homosexuals' attest - a matter of natural programming which they find socially inconvenient. Certainly there are people who - and I am thinking of a rather vociferous person who led me to them - believe this to be the case.

    The question then becomes, for me, this : do I countenance known attack on their family integrity on the grounds that it confuses the children not involved in the situation and frustrates their orientation ?
    To do so as a matter of law rather than of spiritual development ( having fallen prey to fear ) deliberately marginalizes members of the community who already are seen as 'abnormal.' Rather than claim to do so is a matter of loving concern I see it as veiled hypocrisy mixed with pre-judice.
    Man says he is a rational animal. Prayer and reflection helps us to see ourselves for what we also are : a rationalizing animal.

    1. I don't think it alleges that such "is" the case, but more that it "can be". So far, I don't think there are any studies that can point to one or the other (nature vs. nurture) on where same-sex-attractions come from.

      As for your question, I don't understand what you are asking or what you are implying. Are you trying to say that wanting homosexuality to NOT be taught to my children, for example, is an attack on families with homosexual members?

  2. To the guy that posted (or attempted to post) the video of the commedian asking who really gives a [squat] about persons who engage in same-sex sex:

    Christians care. To nOT care would be to argue that there is no God, or that God does not matter, or that His Truth and His Law [Natural Moral Law] does not matter. So, the question the "comedian" was asking would more appropriately be, "Is there a God"? If the answer is yes [and it is], then same-sex attracted persons engaging in such behavior matters...because their salvation is at stake...just as with any other person, reagardless of their sexual orientation, who engages in acts that are contrary to God and His Natural Moral Law. The only reason it would NOT matter...the only reason we could justift NOT giving a [squat] about their actions, is if 1) there is no God (which there is) and 2) their actions have no affect on society (which they do).

    If you are one of those who does not believe that the same-sex "Marriage" issue has no effect on you, personally, or on me, I sufggest you check out the facts and make you decision based on evidence. (especially pay attention to #'s 3,4,5,7, and 10 of the following link) :


  3. ^^ By the way, I did not choose to publish the youtube video. If you find that he makes good points, present them here in your own words, without the f-bombs and disengenuous remarks.